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The challenge of deciding the style and size of your outdoor area is an easy task in comparison with the long term commitment of maintaining it. Green Room Gardens can take care of this and ensure all your hard work, time and money doesn’t go to waste. We’re one of the major professional gardening service providers on Sydney’s north shore and can assist you in choosing the right style to suit your outdoor area.

Green gardening maintenance with an eco-friendly approach

Our team of trained landscapers will render their top quality services so that your outdoor space will always look its best. We specialise in offering sustainable garden maintenance services to encourage an eco-friendly approach. Application of organic fertilisers, careful plant selection, encouraging crop rotation, applying natural pesticides and many other measures are adopted in order to improve the fertility of soil and help manage your yard.

What to expect from our landscape services

Our garden maintenance services unfold in a step by step process to maximize efficiency and quality. Firstly, our team will inspect your outdoor area. During this initial visit, we will analyse the factors of sunlight exposure, soil type, water and climate. Our landscape team will then develop the tasks to be implemented by our gardeners to get your personal sanctuary blooming.

Our work will be carried out in a scheduled process which is provided to the client before we commence, allowing them to make any amendments as required. Each specific task will be completed within the assigned time period. Recommendations and suggestions, from our knowledgeable landscaper team will help guide you to improve the image and health of your yard.

Other services that we can provide

We also offer landscape maintenance such as pruning for our Sydney clients, as well as garden irrigation systems, deck oiling, power washing, hedge trimming etc.

A garden tidy-up service provided by our gardeners will restore the look of your outdoor area and add to the overall aesthetic appearance of your home as a whole. Our qualified team of insured horticulturists will ensure that your garden will look fantastic once they have undergone their maintenance services and worked their magic.

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