Garden Irrigation System

Irrigation Systems to Keep your Sydney Garden Blooming

Water, as we all know, is essential to keep your flora green and lively. For a healthy living garden, it is important to hydrate the soil and garden beds regularly, especially over the hotter months. Our high quality irrigation systems here at Green Rooms Gardens can do just that with minimal maintenance on your part, ensuring your lovely plant life doesn’t go forgotten.

You can Trust us to Only use the Best

Quench the thirst of your plants with a perfect set of garden irrigation systems. We use the latest in modern garden watering systems for Sydney gardens. We know the importance of installing a sustainable water unit for sprinkling your backyard to keep your greenery vibrant without unnecessary wastage. Other, poor quality, equipment can be prone to leaks or excessive water wastage.

We use Water Efficient Equipment to Keep Your Garden Healthy

Drip irrigation systems water the garden slowly, but at a steady rate. Also known as trickle or micro irrigation, these units consists of pipes and small tubes to water the roots of your plants. Recently, these systems have been gaining wide popularity in Australian residential gardens due to their proven water saving features.

Customise Your own Sydney Home Irrigation Solution

Our team of professionals can work as per your demands for rendering excellent garden care services. If you are after an irrigational unit that can water the entire garden at a stretch or a distributed system that can irrigate different parts in an efficient manner, we can design it to suit your landscape.

Advantages of a Drip Irrigation System

  1. Efficient absorption of nutrients and fertilisers
  2. Higher water efficiency
  3. Reduced maintenance
  4. Ideal choice for sensitive plant groups
  5. No wastage of water
  6. Prevents soil erosion
  7. Adequate soil moisture is ensured for plants
  8. Decreases weed growth
  9. Uniform distribution of water
  10. Can easily regulate the water flow
  11. Prevent the chances of fungal diseases
  12. Suitable for windy areas

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