Tricks of the Trade for Professional Hedge Trimming in Sydney

Trimming that overly enthusiastic expanding hedge isn’t as clear cut as one might think and requires a fine hand and careful timing. The effective shaping of these garden features has a lot of potential to enhance the overall beauty and geometric shapes of your backyard and if done correctly, can add a stunning visual effect to your yard. Our experienced team make the task look like an art form and have ample experience in hedge trimming all over Sydney.

A Green Wall for Your Garden

Hedges provide a perfect green alternative to fences whilst improving privacy for your home. Our team of trained horticulturalists execute our trimming service with perfect shape and finish in an artistic way. After examining and assessing your garden, our qualified gardeners will decide how to best taper the sides of your shrubbery depending on their angle, width and height. In addition to reshaping the plants, accurate pruning encourages dense regrowth for your green walls and prevents bare leggy growth.

Perfect Cut and Finish

Timely trimming will enhance the density and growth of the fastest growing hedge plants without sacrificing their aesthetic appeal. We at Green Rooms Gardens, provide top quality pruning services in Sydney so that your garden regains its charm and style.

Trim Types we Offer

Formative and maintenance trimming strategies are effective and useful for all types of hedge plant species. Formative pruning is carried out in newly planted shrubberies during the first couple of years. This will help their development into a good shape and promote healthy growth. We take pride in offering the best garden care services for our clients at affordable prices so you can reap all the benefits.

Regular Trimming is a Must

An even and dense growing pattern will be developed as a result of regular pruning and gardening maintenance services – giving you a healthy hedge all year round.

See What Else we Offer

We also provide other services within Sydney including, annual gardening, garden irrigation, landscape design, garden maintenance and sustainable gardening.

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